Partnering with the local community to create a new model for development in the Caribbean with a strong focus on the environment and sustainability.


We are focused on creating a resilient community that thrives.


Barbuda Ocean Club started in 2016 when the first agreements (MOA) for the development were signed with the Barbuda Council and following a public vote of approval from the community. From the beginning, sustainability and community were central to our approach.

Then on September 5th, 2017, Hurricane Irma slammed into Barbuda as a Category 5 storm with winds estimated at over 195mph. Irma devastated the island destroying homes and critical infrastructure including schools and the hospital. The lives of the people of Barbuda were changed forever. The Peace Love and Happiness Partnership immediately pledged support and assistance to help the community – our neighbors – rebuild. Additionally, we changed our approach by reflecting more deeply on the community needs. We have since tailored our development to integrate the long-term needs of the Barbudan people into the project.

This website provides specific details of how we live up to our guiding principles and meet our commitments to create a community that thrives. Each pillar of resilience – environmental, community, and economic is covered here.