Providing funds and support to help rebuild the local hospital and ensure it meets critical local needs.

Community resilience, along with environmental and economic resilience, is critical for sustainability.

Barbuda Ocean Club is supporting efforts by the Barbuda Council and the local residents to rebuild critical infrastructure and restore services to positively impact the daily lives of citizens throughout the island.

Among these priorities are:


Renewable Energy

While the property will rely on diesel generators in the near term, Barbuda Ocean Club currently is exploring all renewable energy options to ensure the development on Barbuda is eventually pollution free. A solar field will be installed on island following initial development to provide a renewable energy source. Barbuda Ocean Club will continually investigate new technologies and ways to create the most environmentally responsible development in the world.

Water Supply

Securing a reliable supply of clean water is a major concern for all of Barbuda. To provide water in the near term, Barbuda Ocean Club will use low-impact development designs to capture and store as much rainfall as possible. We are already exploring long term solutions including opportunities for construction and operation of a R.O. plant. Strict environmental protocols will be followed to safely manage brine disposal.

Health Care and Medical Security

Short-Term and Long-Term Projects

As a short-term solution to medical needs on the island, Barbuda Ocean Club purchased a Clinic-in-a-Can for the community which was delivered August 2018. The clinic provides treatment facilities and equipment, enabling medical professionals to efficiently and effectively treat a wide range of patients while the hospital facilities are being rebuilt. This effort was coordinated with the Barbuda Council and the Ministry of Health and Environment. In the long term, Barbuda Ocean Club has pledged support for the rebuilding of the local hospital and will work closely with the Barbuda Council and Government of Antigua and Barbuda, as well as the local community to ensure this hospital meets critical local needs.



Barbuda Ocean Club is committed to assisting the local community enhance the educational opportunities for its students. In late 2018, the club provided 400 backpacks, each filled with necessary school supplies, and 400 reusable water bottles to students in the Barbuda school system. Barbuda Ocean Club intends to continue and expand this type of material support as the community grows. Long term, our goal is to help the Barbudan community establish a world-class school on the island that stands out as one of the best in the Caribbean.