Supporting community initiatives which promote local businesses, economic growth and long-term stability.

Barbuda Ocean Club will implement programs and systems that support local economic growth.

We are implementing a training program to provide specific skill training for every type of job Barbuda Ocean Club will offer. Priority will be given to hiring Barbudan labor, so families can move home and start to rebuild their lives, their homes and their island with the help of the jobs and wages we will create.

We are also exploring how Barbuda Ocean Club can assist and support local business owners and entrepreneurs setting up businesses on Barbuda. Eventually, this may include joint-venture opportunities, mentoring and other services. We have successfully implemented community training programs and entrepreneurship opportunities in our other developments and will leverage our experience to create a first class program on Barbuda.


Return Home

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, many Barbudans were forced to leave their homes to find employment elsewhere and care for their families. With the new opportunities arising for employment and personal growth at Barbuda Ocean Club, we encourage them to consider returning home. We are committed to helping all of Barbuda’s communities flourish like never before, and we hope you will consider joining us in this endeavor.

Job Training & Skill Development

Restoring Barbuda’s infrastructure, protecting and preserving its environment, and developing and operating Barbuda Ocean Club are huge undertakings which will require all of us to work together. Many of the necessary jobs will require extensive training to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for success. Barbuda Ocean Club is committed to providing training to our team members, whether they have prior experience or not. Together, we can help empower your personal growth and development of marketable skills while you help us improve life on Barbuda for everyone.

Immediate Jobs (2018)

Acacia Clearing, Landscape Clean-up and Native Plant Nursery
Barbuda Ocean Club is employing a team of local Barbudans to assist in clean-up and invasive acacia clearing. This effort is intended to help create immediate job opportunities for the local community while helping to remove locally invasive species, dead vegetation, and debris on the island. This will help native species recover and form the basis of a native plant nursery, that will be set up by the Barbuda Ocean Club within three months, employing additional local individuals. Barbuda Ocean Club is proud to hire local community members who bring their traditional knowledge of the landscape and plants to this important work opportunity, benefiting the whole island and its culture. Within one week of starting this effort, Barbuda Ocean Club had employed 51 local Barbudans.
Starting in October 2018, Barbuda Ocean Club will hire approximately 35 employees to work operations for facilities on island. These employees will assist in all aspects of Barbuda Ocean Club operations.
As construction and demolition work commences, local Antiguans and Barbudans will be employed.

Long-Term Expectations

Long-term, Barbuda Ocean Club will create significant employment opportunities. Based upon Discovery Land Company’s experience with its Baker’s Bay Ocean Club development, we expect to generate the following jobs as development of Barbuda Ocean Club progresses:

  • 700 residential construction
  • 300 infrastructure and amenity construction
  • 525 operations jobs
This will total approximately 1,500 jobs across the community.

To learn more about employment at Barbuda Ocean Club, click here.