The Barbuda Ocean Club is committed to supporting the long-term environmental and economic sustainability of Barbuda. We are proud to be a part of this unique community. Barbuda Ocean Club believes in the resilience of the Barbudan people. We work with the community to help craft a future that respects and preserves the island’s rich natural heritage while building a secure foundation for current and future generations.

Our Commitment

We are committed to making the Barbuda Ocean Club one of the finest resort communities in the world and the platinum standard for sustainability and Island resilience. The Barbuda Ocean Club believes in harmony. Our goal is to collaboratively create a community that is in harmony with nature and with its neighbors. Our development is guided by four core values which are to: use the best science to inform decisions; sustain and protect the environment; take actions that benefit the Island community; and act with integrity, respect and transparency.

Barbuda Ocean Club will act as a responsible service-based economic driver. We will provide several hundred jobs and business opportunities through joint-ventures, direct investment, and entrepreneurial training. We aim to foster a sense of pride throughout our community by collaboratively building a self-sufficient, environmentally resilient, and prosperous Island that is prepared to manage future natural hazards and fiscal risks. Our goal is for Barbuda to be recognized for the strength of its people and as a world leader in sustainability.